Tackle Box Stainless Steel Tackle Box Tripod Stand


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Tackle Box

Stainless Steel Tackle Box Tripod Stand 

The stainless steel tackle box tripod stand is professionally manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

All the structural components on this tackle box tripod stand are manufactured from 100% 304 stainless.

Tripod stand is extremely stable.

Adjustable extension legs accommodate the uneven terrain that your tackle box tripod stand must stand on with ease and stability.

The stainless steel tripod tackle box stand rod rests accommodate the screw in rod holders as well as the alarms. These are not supplied with the stand.

The rod rests are adjustable in height on this tackle box tripod stand.

Standard tray top for the stainless steel tackle box tripod stand will accommodate any of our standard tackle box ranges. Stand tray top sizes are recorded as:

  • Clubman 370×310 Tray top
  • Clubman Pro 440×340 Tray top
  • Pro Series 460×355 Tray top
  • Custom sizing is also manufactured on request.

Bucket holders are included.

A series of additional attachments and fittings for the stainless steel tripod stand is also available.


A special note on ordering this product;

In the interest of understanding and transparency; please take note of the following condition of sale:

G2 Industries does not manufacture stainless steel stands.

These stainless steel stands are made to order and are regarded as custom-made products ordered on behalf of the client.

We can therefore not guarantee any delivery date or period when a stainless product order is processed on back-order by the client. During busy periods such as SA championships, leagues and International events, it is not uncommon to have products delivered exceeding 14 weeks and longer. You, the client is advised to plan accordingly when ordering this product.

Unless a delivery date is confirmed in writing on the actual order, the above is to apply.

The client may at his/her discretion make upfront payment or make a part payment whichever is suitable. Feel free to contact our offices to discuss.

Should the client cancel the order, be it in full or part of, the client will be held liable for the costs incurred to date of cancellation.

Standard Terms & Conditions are applicable.