About us

G2 Industries  found its roots in 1996. By producing high quality goods that were functional by design the company grew rapidly and was formally registered in 2007.

The company’s main activities lie in manufacturing interior décor and design. We design and supply anything from furniture to bedding, from kitchens and bars to aquarium cabinetry, for the home or office environments.

We find developing and supplying furniture & soft furnishings for children to be a special pleasure. Kids need safe and durable furniture sized to suit their specific needs. This is a specific passion of ours.

G2 Industries  services the general home and office décor needs. We design and supply anything from, bars, kitchens, aquarium cabinetry, wall & TV units, general cabinetry, and our passion, children’s rooms. We also manufacture furniture items for the commercial retailer and or interior decorators/architects

G2 Industries  services the whole of South Africa.

The company’s mission is to develop and supply goods that are safe, durable and functional by design for the home and office at a fair price.

Our vision vision is to be recognized by the interior décor industry as a market leader in the design and manufacturing of interiors.