Terms and Conditions

*** 3 February 2019 *** >> A special information note to inform that we are experiencing unstable power supply and persistent rainy conditions. Delays on this product line are unavoidable. 

For the purposes of clarity and understanding, we have tried to keep the terminology as plain and simple as possible and have therefore not included any legal terms or phrases.

  1. The catalogue has been created as an information vehicle only and remains the property of G 2Industries Pty Ltd, which has the right to change or discontinue products at it’s own discretion.  This catalogue is to provide basic information on our products. For further information, please contact our offices on info@g2industries.co.za or our facebook page www.facebook.com/g2industries.
  2. For ordering purposes of this online product catalogue, orders for products are to be seen as ” Made to order”
  3. The catalogues may be used to order and/or purchase product. Please take note that external venders that require a VAT invoice must do so from the factory direct. The online store is managed via sole proprietorships and as such are not VAT registered. Under no circumstances will we consider or alter an invoice to claim VAT from. The factory only supplies to wholesale distributors for resale.
  4. These terms and conditions also apply to orders placed via external online vendors and/or any drop ship orders via the dealer.
  5. The process for ordering or purchasing is as follows:
    1. Request a quotation on the item/items that are of interest.
    2. Confirm the order via payment to the banking details shown on the quotation/proforma form.
    3. When the product is ready for dispatch, an invoice will be emailed to you for your records.
    4. This invoice is to be produced at the time of collecting your products. This would only apply to clientèle collecting directly.
    5. As of 1 July 2015, the online G2 Industries cart will open to purchases for wholesalers and consumers. Please contact our offices for further information.
  6. By confirming your order via payment of any means or any amount; you also confirm that you have read the terms & conditions and understand them fully.
  7. Production schedules change and are largely dependent on workflow, volumes and in many cases the weather patterns. It is, therefore, the client’s responsibility to contact the offices of G2 Industries for further information on expected delivery times. This does not in anyway override or change conditions as laid out in clause 30 of the terms and conditions. It is for this reason that G2 Industries suggest clarifying this issue prior to placing the order.
  8. Unless otherwise advised, orders are dispatched 4 weeks from confirmation of payment. This excludes specials and custom orders.
  9. By the fact that the client can inquire, order or purchase product using this website as a reference does in no way suggest that the G2 Industries operates a postal order service. Our terms are strict “Cash and Carry”
  10. The client may specify how the product is to be delivered, whether it be by the factory, selected courier or insured mail via the South African Post Office.
  11. No goods will be released without an official copy of the invoice. Management reserves the right to check with the owner of the goods when third party collections take place.
  12. When using the insured mail option from the South African Post Office or any other nominated courier service, whether it be via G2 Industries or the client directly, the client must understand that G2 Industries is deemed to be acting on instruction from the client and will be transacting with the South African Post Office or any other nominated courier service on the client’s behalf or instruction. This also applies to the courier service used via online shopping and ordering.
  13. Once the parcel has been handed over/delivered, be it to a client selected courier, a third party collection or the South African Post Office, G2 Industries is released from any further liability and responsibilities.
  14. Due to the nature of the product and the fact that G2 Industries has no control over the happenings to the parcel once handed over to the organization or person specified by the client, G2 Industries cannot and will not accept any liabilities with regard to damages, lost parcels and or delayed deliveries, or any other  happenings to the parcel whilst in the hands of the specified party. Normal workmanship issues are not included here.
  15. The onus is on the client to familiarize him/herself with the terms and conditions of the courier carrying his/her parcel. G2 Industries will not enter into any discussions with this regard.
  16. Products ordered for delivery via courier using the online shopping cart are not excluded from the above terms. Any disputes as a result of damages and the such like are strictly between the client and the respective courier company.
  17. Delivery methods are to be clarified on order. Unless specifically stated on the quote or order, all delivery fees are for the client`s account.
  18. Shipping via Postnet to Postnet are for small items that way less than 3Kg and can fit into a flyer like bag. This is typically used for apparel orders to end users. Larger orders that wont fit into a flyer to be discussed with our offices. Tackle boxes are exempted from using the Postnet to Postnet service. These are sent via a designated courier, either by client or by ourselves in accordance to the shipping page.
  19. Deposits or part payments can be made at the discretion of the management of G2 Industries. The client subsequently undertakes to settle the outstanding balance, prior to the collection within 7 calendar days of the invoice or notification that the product is ready for collection. Failing this, management of G2 Industries has the right to cancel the order and resell the product to recover the outstanding balance, inclusive of any further costs that will or may be undertaken to make such a sale possible.
  20. The client will forfeit any deposit or part payment made. In the case of the online shopping cart, management reserves the right to charge to the prospective client’s account any fees or services rendered in order to fulfill the order placed by the client.
  21. The onus remains with the client to collect or to arrange for collection within 30 calendar days of the specified due date or date of completion. Goods not collected within 30 calendar days will be sold.
  22. In the event that the client stores goods, he or she does so at their own risk.
  23. Due to the nature of the product, the pictures shown on the website may differ from the actual product.
  24. In the event where a client specifies a purpose built tackle box or product, he/she must submit a drawing thereof.
  25. The factory accepts no responsibility if a custom designed tackle box does work out in respect to design defaults. Here the onus is strictly on the client to make sure that the tackle box has been properly designed and laid out on a drawing.
  26. We at G2 Industries are very proud of the products we manufacture and supply. Although we have very strict quality control, mistakes do happen. In this case, you have 7 calendar days in which to return the product to either the merchant that supplied you or in the case of online sales, return the product directly to G2 Industries. The following conditions do apply to this:
    1. The product must be returned in its original packaging in the manner in which it was received.
    2. The client has 7 days, from the date of receipt of the product to return the product. In the event where a courier or a postal service is involved, this date will be the date of receipt.
    3. The parcel must reach us or the merchant by close of business day on the 7th day. Anything after will void this.
  27. The factory will inspect and subsequently apply remedial measures to correct the matter. In all cases, the onus is on the purchaser to provide documentation such as an invoice to prove ownership of the product.
  28. These remedial measures are at the strict discretion of management.
  29. If the factory cannot repair the product to its original condition, we will replace it at no extra costs, providing that it is a factory defect.
  30. The onus lies on the client to return and collect the product from either the merchant or from the factory.
  31. 10 working days is deemed by the factory reasonable to effect any repairs to the returned products, unless otherwise quoted or stated.
  32. Should the factory not be able to repair or replace the product within this time span, the factory will then refund the client. This only applies in the case of “Factory default”
  33. Refund Policy due to client cancellation:
    1. The client may cancel the order within 7 calendar days of confirming the order. The confirmation of order date is deemed to be the date of payment from the client. A non-refundable administration of R 650-00 or 20% of the order; whichever is the greater value will be charged irrespective of the reason provided for the cancellation. Additional charges may at the discretion of management be added. This will be decided on a case by case to ensure fairness to all parties concerned.
    2. Cancellations will only be accepted if in writing.
    3. Should the order be canceled after the 7 calendar day period, the cancellation would be considered as a default cancellation. A fee of R 650-00 or 20% of the order; whichever is the greater value will be charged. In addition to this, materials, labour and or any other costs pertaining to the order at the given date may be charged at the discretion of management.
    4. Where orders are processed for “made to order”, purpose built or altered to suit, a non-refundable administration fee of R 650-00 or 20% of order cancellation fee(Whichever is the greater) will be due in addition to any further costs that were incurred to process the confirmed order. This includes products supplied by 3rd party suppliers or buyouts.
    5. Products such as tackle boxes, tackle box stands, numbering systems, bottles and or any other item that may be ordered specifically for the client, are all regarded as “made to order or buyouts” and will be subject to a non-refundable administration fee of R 650-00 or 20% of order cancellation fee(Whichever is the greater).
    6. Where orders are canceled before completion dates, a non-refundable administration fee of R 650-00 or 20% of order cancellation fee(Whichever is the greater) will be charged in addition to  work done at the date of cancellation, ie Raw material costs, labour costs, shipping costs, administration costs etc
    7. Upon receipt of the cancellation, the client will receive via email a cancellation of order reference number.( CRN……Customer Refund Notice ). This reference will be issued within 48 hours of receipt of cancellation and is to be used for further reference.
    8. Orders canceled via the online catalogue will receive a notification via email that the order is canceled. This notice will replace the abovementioned CRN reference.
    9. Once this reference number has been issued, the cancellation of an order cannot be reversed.
    10. The client will be refunded via bank transfer ONLY and it is for this reason that the client is required to within 14 calendar days provide;
      1. A letter from his/her banking institution to validify his/her banking details.
      2. A copy of his/her ID document.
      3. Both documents above to be certified by a commissioner of oaths.
      4. Under normal circumstances, we aim to effect the refund within 10 working days of receipt of the above documentation.
      5. The refund application will be voided if documentation is not submitted within the 14 calendar days as stipulated above.
    11. Due dates quoted, whether by email, verbal or shown on documentation, are to be seen as anticipated dispatch dates.
    12. Dispatch dates are calculated in good faith as per normal manufacturing criteria. The suppliers, manufacturers and or G2 Industries can not be deemed to be in “default” should situations arise which are beyond the manufacturer’s, suppliers and or G2 Industries reasonable control or could not have reasonably been foreseeable by the above entities. Situations such as abnormal order volumes, bad weather, flooding, fire, power supply/blackouts, labour unrest, any “acts of god” etc are seen to fall within these bounds. Each order will be dealt with on its own merits to solve the immediate problem as quick as possible.
    13. Gift vouchers are not refundable. They can, however, be used in exchange for other products in the shopping cart.
    14. Where gift vouchers have been used to purchase a product and the client subsequently cancels the product, this will result in the client being refunded per the original gift voucher purchased.
    15. Canceled orders in this regard cannot be reversed.
  34. Due to the nature of the product supplied, G2 Industries cannot unconditionally guarantee the products, however, the factory does offer a 7-day warranty that:
    1. The products have been manufactured within the normal factory standards and any workmanship defaults will be addressed.
    2. When the product is packaged or dispatched, it is in good condition as per the above free from any obvious workmanship defaults.
    3. In the case of wood like products, it is free from scratches or cracks.
    4. The hardware of the wooden boxes is fully operational to normal specifications.
  35. Timber, bamboo or plywood are natural raw materials and can as such not be guaranteed, especially if they are exposed to the elements over time. Therefore G2 Industries cannot take responsibility of cracks that occur in the normal day to day use of the box. G2 Industries are happy to assist with repairs at a fair price. This is to be seen as maintenance on the product.
  36. The terms and conditions may be periodically updated without any prior notice.