Carp Camo Hoodie


Product features
  • Exclusively designed by G2.
  • Full Dye-Sublimation on breathable materials.
  • Made for South African body types.
  • High-quality fabrics used.
  • A variety of materials available on request.
  • Excellent UV protection, long-lasting.
  • Quality guaranteed.
  • Sizes larger than 5Xlarge are available on demand.
  • Fitting ranges are available.
  • Customization options, teams, and Plus Sizes are also welcome, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Additional information


5-6yr, 7-8yr, 9-10yr, 11-12yr, Xsml, Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge, 2Xlarge, 3Xlarge, 4Xlarge, 5Xlarge