Tackle box Accessories

Tackle box Tripod stand

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The tripod stand comes complete with rod arms, bucket rings, detachable trays including a work tray onto which the battle box junior fits,and collapsible legs which folds up in a jiffy to fit even the smallest of boots.

The stand is manufactured from a mild steel construction and is protected by means of electro-plating which in turn protects both the internal and external walls of the steel.

Carry bag standCarry bag stand

Stand carry bag

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Manufactured from heavy duty canvas for durability. This bag can be used to store the complete tripod stand thus protecting the stand during transportation and storage. By keeping your stand in the bag, you also minimize the risk of losing any of the separate parts or screws.

This bag also gets used by some for additional storage for clothing, shoes etc for when going on extended fishing trips

Tackle box protective coverBox cover

Extra large:



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Manufactured from soft lined vynil with velcro front edges to close. The ideal addition to protect your tackle box during transportation and storage.

These covers can further more be used during exposure to the elements such as harsh sun and rain.

On request, we offer embroidery and digitising services to customize your covers.

pro insert topReplacement bottle inserts

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All our inserts are removable and therefore replaceable when they become tatty or get damaged. Manufactured from 6mm MDF and pinned together to allow the angler to gently remove an alter the bottle layouts to suit.

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