Clubman Pro Kiaat Double Drawer Tackle Box



The Clubman Pro Series tackle boxes have long been the most popular  range of  G2 Industries Tackle boxes, due to its affordable pricing structure and general value for money. Even though this range of tackle boxes is regarded to be our entry level tackle box for the competitive angler, it is still loaded with features such as:

Solid kiaat construction, using tried and tested joinery techniques and glues to manufacture.


“Goo bottles“, Ball dips, spray bottles and normal sized mutti bottles, all fit in the top of the tackle box.


Light weight internal floor boardsadd to the weight saving of this range of tackle boxes, making it ideal for the club, league and ladies anglers.

Adjustable MDF  bottle layouts keep your tackle box organized and tidy. Light and easy to maintain.(These are also available in pre-pack perspex and are sold separately)



Steel ball bearing drawer runners ensure ease of operation  in opening and closing of drawers. Drawers are totally  removable, for servicing purposes. We always advise your tackle box to be serviced at least once or twice per year, depending on the amount of fishing trips. Speak to your local representative about service requirements on your tackle box.


The Clubman Pro Series tackle box is fitted with brass like handles, providing the elegance that is due to it. A brass lock is also fitted to keep the lid closed when it should be. The tension on this lock is also adjustable.

To finish of your hand made tackle box, the tackle box is liberally coated with our specifically formulated Duro-coat sealants to protect your tackle box from sun, wind and rain. Proven durability and reliability over more than 15 years.


Pre-packed bottle packs, working bowls and decor themes are available and separately sold for this range of tackle boxes as well.

Protect your  your tackle box from damages due to transportation, storage or even fishing in the sun and the rain.

A  Tacklebox-coversPro tackle box carry bag or a tackle box scuff cover will go a long way in preventing unnecessary damages to your tackle box and will add greatly to the life span of your prize tackle box. Continue reading for more information on the protective tackle box covers.




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Also available in Hevea                                  Also Available in Bamboo







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